Product Safety

Protection of Consumer Health & Safety.


Through constant care, strict quality control practices, the highest hygiene standards, and all possible protection measures, we ensure our consumers’ health and safety.


SARANTIS GROUP has received the following certifications: ISO 9001 for the production of the SANITAS products (more information is available on the website, ISO 22716 for the production of sun care, hair care, skin care, and perfumery products, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the trade and distribution of medical technology products.



Sustainable Consumption



SARANTIS GROUP supports sustainable consumption by reducing non-sustainable production and consumption standards.


We adopt practices that help consumers realize the impact of their choices, by offering them eco-friendly products that can gradually alter their consuming habits.


Examples of such products are Sanitas Green Line series and Bioten, Elmiplant, Solene and Orzene cosmetics.


We participate in the local packaging management and packaging waste programs. We encourage recycling and the re-use of packaging, yet our top priority remains minimization of packaging waste.


SARANTIS GROUP does not test its products on animals.



Customer service – Solving problems



Without a doubt, SARANTIS GROUP considers customer satisfaction among its top priorities.


To achieve this, we have mechanisms in place to support our customers, ranging from consumer telephone lines, instructions and tips for the proper use of our products, to a provision for home visits, if deemed necessary.



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